In 2006, Ali Edwards started The One Little Word Project as a way to deviate from the standard New Year’s resolution. I love the idea of choosing one word to be my guiding principle throughout the year, rather than picking one or more things I have to do or not do. I think there can be more freedom and motivation in one well-picked word than can be found sometimes in a resolution. So, I decided that this year I’d give it a shot.A Glimpse of Glam | One Little Word.

My One Little Word for 2016 is pray.

I’m really excited about this new year. Normally, when the holiday season begins, I am so focused/ready/excited for Christmas and all of the gift-giving and traditions that come along with.. but this year was different. For some reason, my heart resonated more with the excitement of the New Year and the thought of new beginnings – not because 2015 was a bad year in any way – but because of what I can see lies ahead.. and what lies ahead is something that needs praying for.

2016 will be a preparation year of sorts for G and I. We have sights set on starting a family after this year; for traveling a decent amount before then; for gathering and growing in a stronger community; for giving (and saving) more; for making career decisions; for building a stronger foundation in our faith and for truly preparing ourselves for the journey that lies ahead.. but none of that can be done on our own – and we don’t want it to be.

So, this year will be a year of prayer. Of building routines that will strengthen our relationship with each other and with God and of praying for what we can only hope lies ahead.

But I don’t want to keep this year of prayer only to myself – I want to pray for you, too! Send me prayer requests, share your stories – keep me accountable, friends! I’m so excited for this word and this year and to share it all with you, together. Cheers to 2016!


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Love this, A! Y’all have a secured spot on my prayer list : )
Hope we get to see you again soon! (If your travels-before-family-making happen to include Durham, we wouldn’t be opposed!)

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