I wanted to share a recent find that I’m absolutely LOVING right now – Thrive Market.

Let me just throw in the disclaimer that this is in no way a paid advertisement or sponsored post – this is just me wanting to share something really cool with y’all!

A Glimpse of Glam | Thrive Market Finds.

As some of you may know, I recently signed up to be a Beach Body Coach and am currently in the middle of my first 21 Day Fix (more on that later!), which involves making healthier choices and being much more conscious about what goes into my body. Thrive Market is an online organic health food store that delivers straight to your door just about anything you could possibly want for healthier versions of you and your family’s meals at a FRACTION of the cost of what you might normally pay at your neighborhood health food store.

Not convinced?

Take my first order receipt. I received ALL of the items you see below for less than HALF of what I would have paid in a different store – plus it was all delivered to my doorstep with free shipping!A Glimpse of Glam | Thrive Market Finds.
Pretty cool, right?

I’m especially excited about these three beauty products that I’ve never tried before, but will definitely have to do a review of here on the blog in the coming weeks:

A Glimpse of Glam | Thrive Market Finds.

That clay mask has gotten really great reviews online and I’m anxious to see if it makes a difference in minimizing my pores! Also, those nourishing cleansing wipes will come in handy as I dive deeper into this fitness thing – or simply just for a quick alternative to washing my face in the morning! That avocado eye treatment is said to cool under eyes and reduce puffiness which, I’m hoping, will help a lot as I continue to wake up at 6 am and earlier to get my workouts in and my new business off the ground!

Keep an eye out for more on these products and even some healthy recipes from the other items I purchased from Thrive Market in the coming weeks. So excited about this new find and I hope you’ll find it useful too!

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