Recently, when G and I went out of town, I realized that I had forgotten to pack my mascara (I normally use this one) and found myself standing in the cosmetics aisle of a drugstore reaching for this little rose gold tube. Now, mascara is usually the one cosmetic item that I don’t mind splurging on, because it’s the one that makes the biggest difference for my face. So, when I purchased this one for less than $10, I figured it would just get me through that trip and I wouldn’t use it again after that – but I was wrong! I actually ended up REALLY liking it and wanted to share it with you all as an inexpensive mascara option, if you’re looking for one!

As far as tips for application, this is what I do:

  1. At the very beginning of my beauty routine, I curl my lashes and then take an older, slightly dried out tube of mascara and swipe my lashes with a light first layer of mascara.
  2. I go about my beauty routine letting that first coat dry completely.
  3. Then, I curl my lashes one more time, grabbing them at their base with my eyelash curler, closing the curler, looking down, and tilting the curler up. This really gives my lashes an extra boost and makes them look really long and full.
  4. Finally, I apply my good mascara in 2 coats and.. voila! I’m ready to go.

A Glimpse of Glam | Mascara Review and Application Tips. A Glimpse of Glam | Mascara Review and Application Tips.mascara6 A Glimpse of Glam | Mascara Review and Application Tips.

Hope you guys have such a great weekend!!

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Lash Sensational is my absolute favorite! I haven’t found any other mascara that makes my eyelashes look as good, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s so stinking

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