I used to think that Yoga was a little hokey. There was something about it that I couldn’t quite buy into – how could I get a good workout in by standing in one place holding different poses one after another? Also, does this whole “namaste” thing conflict with my beliefs as a Christian? How does all that work? Are the benefits reaped from consistent Yoga really as good as people say they are?

And then I started this 21 Day Fix journey, received my sleeve with the two workout DVDs and saw that one of the workouts was dedicated solely to Yoga. So I decided to give it a try. Now, my Yoga workout days are my favorite. During the 21 Day Fix Yoga is used during your active recovery days, which means you do it at the end of the week after you’ve been busting your butt and are super sore and tight just about everywhere. Doing those 30 minutes of Yoga really helps to refocus your energy, stretch out those muscles and prepare yourself to start the whole week of workouts over again the next day. The routine not only stretches you out, but you really are building strength, balance, agility and flexibility – all things that will help you to further your progress in all of your other workouts!

A Glimpse of Glam | Scenes from Yoga.A Glimpse of Glam | Scenes from Yoga.A Glimpse of Glam | Scenes from Yoga. A Glimpse of Glam | Scenes from Yoga.

I love that, in Yoga, there is always so much room for visible improvement. You can build on your flexibility over time until those poses that you thought were unattainable at the beginning slowly become the ones you accomplish and perfect down the road.

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