My Routine.

Aside from some chapstick and a little color on my lips, these are the items I use just about every morning when getting ready for work. Except the nail polish.. because painting your nails every single day is just silly 😉

My routine goes something like this:

  1. I spritz my wrists and neck with this perfume. I have no other word for what Victoria’s Secret Bombshell smells like than fresh. It’s seriously the perfect perfume for spring because its light and floral and lasts all day long.
  2. A little bit of this NARS liquid concealer gets dabbed under my eyes and down the bridge of my nose. It does such a good job of hydrating my skin and covering the dark circles under my peepers. I blend it in with a sponge just like this one and watch as the bags and dark coloring disappear!
  3. Next step is blending a small amount of Bare Minerals powder foundation on my face using their foundation brush. This dynamic duo gives the most even coverage and is the perfect base for my eyeshadow, bronzer and blush!
  4. After cheeks, eyeshadow and liner, I use a few layers of Maybelline’s Lash Sensational to finish. I’ve talked about this mascara and my application tips before here if you’d like to read more about the fantastic formula.
  5. Finally, after makeup, I move on to hair. Since I try to go two or three days without washing my hair, I had to find an effective dry shampoo. This one is great because it not only smells good, but it does a phenomenal job at soaking up any unwanted oil and adding texture to your hair. Spray it 2-4 inches from your roots and then message it in. Style as usual!

One More Detail.

Although not part of my daily routine, I did want to share my new favorite brand of nail polish with you – these Sally Hensen Gel Nail Polishes are AMAZING. The color I’m currently obsessed with is called “Little Peony” and can be found here.

That’s it, folks! Feel free to ask me any questions about these items or my routine. I left out some steps and products that I use – I’ll have to put a full routine post together sometime soon. For now, hope you found this useful!

A Glimpse of Glam | Current Favorite Beauty Items. A Glimpse of Glam | Current Favorite Beauty Items. A Glimpse of Glam | Current Favorite Beauty Items. A Glimpse of Glam | Current Favorite Beauty Items.

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