bumpdate at 22 weeks.

It’s that time again! You guys, 22 weeks means Baby F is full term in just 15 – can you believe it? It gets more and more real every time I look down and see this growing bump. It’s getting bigger, his kicks and jabs are getting stronger and I’m so grateful for a sickness that has come and gone without harming this sweet little one.

on sickness during pregnancy.

Being sick when you’re pregnant is scary, y’all. As a first time mom, I literally found myself saying, “I don’t know what to do, I’ve never been pregnant before,” more than once and it was a disheartening and disorienting feeling. Normally, I push through sniffles and coughs and even light fevers. But, the inability to take symptom-masking medications and anything other than cough drops and nasal spray was uncomfortable, both physically and mentally.

I ended up going back to the doctor a second time where they decided to prescribe amoxicillin and something for congestion. It took 4 days to kick in, but Sunday was the first time in a long time I didn’t wake up feeling like death. All this to say that, if any of you are first time mamas who find yourselves under the weather – take heart and try not to worry. Go to the doctor, even if you’re like me and avoid it at all costs. Call your OB and ask as many questions as you want. It’s scary, but you’ll get through it!

the bump.

Bumpdate: 22 Weeks | A Glimpse of Glam | Atlanta Blogger

Bump Analysis: As you can imagine, the bigger this bump gets, the more real it feels. I’m waiting for the day where I can look in the mirror and feel confident that people I encounter will be able to unmistakably tell that I’m pregnant 😉

Month/Trimester: 5.5 months [22 weeks] / 2nd trimester

Food of the week: He’s the size of an ear of corn.

Development: He weighs close to a pound and is about a foot tall!

Movement: He sleeps 12-14 hours a day, but it seems like he moves constantly while he’s awake. I think we’re going to have our hands full with this sweet boy.

Name: FSF

Weight Gain: Two trips to the doctor last week made it painfully clear that I’ve gained 15 pounds. Just living my best life over here, y’all.

Symptoms: All I’ve had is virus symptoms lately so…

Cravings: Haven’t had a huge appetite this week either.

Aversions: Scrambled eggs – still!

Sleep: I wake up a couple of times in the middle of the night and realize I’m sleeping on my back which freaks me out. But I put my pillow back between my knees and drift off again.

Maternity Clothes: These jeans are my favorite and I also just acquired these tops: cold shoulder top, kimono sleeve top and this adorable nursing top.

Exercise: Not really, re: virus.

Wedding Rings: On!

Stretch Marks: None that I’ve seen. Thanks, in large part to the products I talk about below!

Labor Signs: Nope!

What I miss: Now that football is back, I really miss just being able to have a beer and sit with the hubs. That’s sort of been our thing for as long as I can remember.

looking forward.

Preparations for Baby: Progress has been slowed down this week. But sweet G has been working tirelessly to figure out how to install our automatic garage door opener. It’s been a struggle, but he proudly came in near midnight last night ready to show me that he finished! It will be so wonderful to be able to park in the garage while it’s raining once Baby gets here.

Looking forward to: I woke up on Saturday morning SO excited to watch my alma mater play football and SO excited to share it with this bump. It was really cool to think that this time next year, we’ll have a son to share football with. I’m looking forward to that.

stretch mark products.

Stretch marks are partly determined by genetics but steps can be taken to help prevent (or reduce) them. They weren’t a huge concern of mine (simply because I didn’t really think about them). But, my friend recommended a few products in a super helpful list she sent me right after I found out I was pregnant. Since then, they were on my radar.

Said friend recommended this all natural skin toning oil, which is great to put on at night before bed. It completely moisturizes your skin through and through. This not only helps when it comes to stretch marks, but I’m convinced that it does wonders for skin toning. I’ve had some burn marks on my forearm (curling iron mishaps) for a long time now and this stuff has made huge strides in reducing their visibility. I can only imagine what it would do for stretch marks after they’ve formed!

Bumpdate: 22 Weeks | A Glimpse of Glam | Atlanta Blogger

I also found this Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter as I was looking for something that I could apply in the mornings. This stuff is great because it doesn’t smell like anything and I can put it on under my usual lotion and perfume without it interfering.

This Body Merry Stretch Marks & Scars cream was another that I found as I was looking for a cream to use with the oil before bed. Admittedly, the skin toning oil doesn’t smell the best, so I put this on before for an extra layer of moisture and a boost of sweet-smelling citrus.




I had an appointment last week and found out that I gained 8 lbs in four weeks. Prior to that, I hadn’t really gained since the first trimester. Now I’m up 18 lbs at 22 weeks, so we’re pretty similar there! You look like me, where it’s mostly in the bump! 🙂


ah, that makes me feel better – thanks, Leila! 🙂 is this your first baby??


Yes it is! We’re having a girl! 🙂


aww, congratulations.. so exciting 🙂 we don’t have too much longer!

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