Hello friends! With everything that’s been happening with Hurricane Irma this past week, I’ve been a little slow with posting, I apologize! G and I both have family and friends in Florida directly where Irma hit and then we’re seeing some of the effects of her as a Tropical Storm here in Atlanta as I write this. We even have some friends staying with us who fled the Tampa area since Thursday. All this to say I’ve been a worried wreck and have been slacking here at the blog and my social media accounts.. so bare with me! I actually almost didn’t post this today because I’d like there to be more content in between each bumpdate, but I know how much I’ll enjoy looking back on these later on, so here we are!

I hope all of you who follow GG are safe and dry and warm and I truly am praying for all of you who have been affected by both Irma and Harvey lately!

bumpdate: baby fontenot.

Bump Analysis: I was telling some friends this weekend that it has truly amazed me how much this bump/he has grown. I think my body is becoming more adjusted because I’m not having that constant pulling and feeling like I need to hold him up.

Month/Trimester: 5.75 months [23 weeks] / 2nd trimester

Food of the week: He’s the size of a large mango or papaya.

Development: He weighs about a pound and a quarter and is a little over a foot long from head to toe.

Movement: This sweet boy’s face is fully formed and his skin is glowing red/pink because of the developing veins and arteries under his skin. Soon, he’ll be packing on the “fatty chub that give him a more person-like appearance.” – according to my app 😉

Name: FSF

mom update.

Weight Gain: 16 pounds and counting.

Symptoms: Occasional backaches have been my only real symptom this week.

Cravings: Football is back so I’ve been craving a Michelobe Ultra like it’s my job!

Aversions: Scrambled eggs… not sure if I’ll ever want them again lol!

Sleep: I received this pregnancy body pillow and ever since I started using it I’ve been getting the best pregnancy sleep. The first night I used it I woke up in the exact same position I fell asleep in (which NEVER happens) lol!

Maternity Clothes: These jeans are my favorite and I also just acquired these tops: cold shoulder top, kimono sleeve top and this adorable nursing top. – so nothing new since last week!

Exercise: I’m getting better about going outside and walking the dogs.

Wedding Rings: On!

Stretch Marks: None that I’ve seen. Thanks, in large part to the products I talk about in this post.

Labor Signs: Nope!

What I miss: just…. alcohol in general, folks. The struggle is becoming real lol

looking forward.

Preparations for Baby: Preparations have been pretty sloth-like lately. I feel like we did a LOT at first and now we’re slowing down. I’ll have to be careful not to let it become a procrastination issue haha.

Looking forward to: The holidays! We’ve had a bit of a cold front move in this past week and it has been SO nice to be able to open the windows to let the breeze come through. I’ve had my favorite fall candle burning lately, which makes me so excited for fall and the holidays.

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