my current favorite beauty items.

My Routine. Aside from some chapstick and a little color on my lips, these are the items I use just about every morning when getting ready for work. Except the nail polish.. because painting your nails every single day is just silly 😉 My routine goes something like this: I spritz my wrists and neck with … Continue Reading

clay mask review.

I came across this deep pore cleansing facial mask a while back and finally got around to trying it out this weekend.. you guys, you need this stuff! I love that it comes in its powder form so that you can mix it with the liquid of your choice! The directions say to use equal parts … Continue Reading

what’s in my makeup bag.

After last week’s mascara post, some of you were asking what else I have in my makeup bag, so I thought I’d take a minute to share some of my favorite items! Currently, I’m loving The Balm products – so much so that most of the items that I use are by them. My favorite is … Continue Reading

mascara review and application tips.

Recently, when G and I went out of town, I realized that I had forgotten to pack my mascara (I normally use this one) and found myself standing in the cosmetics aisle of a drugstore reaching for this little rose gold tube. Now, mascara is usually the one cosmetic item that I don’t mind splurging … Continue Reading

the Hello, Beauty bag – giveaway (closed).

Update – the giveaway has ended and the winner was announced on the corresponding photo on my instagram 🙂 Thank you so much to all who participated!! Happy Saturday, friends! I’m excited to be working with Whole Foods Market to bring you all a fun giveaway! Yesterday, these Hello, Beauty bags, curated by the Whole Foods Market … Continue Reading