bumpdate: 15 weeks.

Bumpdate: Baby Fontenot. Now that baby boy Fontenot is finally starting to make an appearance, I thought it would be fun to keep a weekly update of his progress! I happen to start a new week of pregnancy every Monday, and what better way to start a new week than with a small dose of … Continue Reading

2016: year in review + resolutions.

it was a great year.. Every year at this time, I love to take a morning to reflect on the previous 365 days. No matter what, there have always been less than my fair share of downs and way more ups than I deserve. 2016 was especially good to G and I. Some really exciting … Continue Reading

family walk in the woods.

Disclaimer: this isn’t much of a style post.. just me and my family walking in the woods 😉 This past Sunday, G and I loaded up our four-legged babies and drove down the road to the Chattahoochee River National Rec Area and did a little exploring. We love to find a secluded trail, unleash the pups … Continue Reading

we’re moving!

Hello, friends! So, some of you may be wondering why things over here have been a little quiet lately – well, it’s because we recently found out that we will be moving to Atlanta and it has sort of plunged our life into mild chaos! Since this past Wednesday when G received the job offer, we’ve put … Continue Reading

real talk sundays.

Welcome to Real Talk Sundays! I want to set aside Sundays for the chance to just do life with you all – to share what’s going on in my and G’s life and to give you the chance to respond and share as well! It could be anything from something I’m currently struggling or succeeding … Continue Reading

8 ways to prepare for a fresh new week.

I like to plan. As a kid, I kept a journal that I would write in line by line what I planned to do with my day.. we’re talking minute-by-minute lol! To this day, I’m not quite as bad, but I do love to be well prepared for the week ahead. So, I thought I’d share … Continue Reading